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C.P.’s son has been in prison and was able to go on a Kairos Inside Weekend. Afterwards he signed her up for Kairos Outside. They prayed over it together and he was so excited about it that she was willing to go. One day in October she received a call from an unknown number and was led to answer it. On the other end was a beautiful voice asking if she was interested in coming to Kairos Outside in November, and the woman was so helpful that C.P. didn’t feel afraid at all.

C.P. was excited about the opportunity to connect with women who are having a similar life experience to hers, “I was like a kid, so excited to go to such a blessing.” Once the Weekend began there was never a dull moment, there was something all day every day. The volunteers celebrated the Guests, provided gifts, performed skits, provided the prayer chain, and made an incredible effort to ensure each and every Guest on the Weekend felt genuinely loved. “I was treated like a queen.” C.P.’s birthday was a few days after the Weekend, and she called the Weekend one of the best birthday presents in her life. “We all came from different types of backgrounds, but all we saw was love.” The prayer chain was especially impactful for C.P. as she was amazed by the number of links in the chain, but when she saw her son’s name on it, she dropped to her knees, her eyes filled up with tears and let out a cry to God thanking him for this experience.

“I thanked God and there were tears when it was time to go as we had all bonded with each other and wanted a few more days.”

Since the Weekend which she called a miracle, C.P. observed that her son had matured in the way they spoke, that he now has a relationship with the Lord that as a mother she knows is genuine and real. He is maturing in his walks with the Lord and encouraging other inmates to as well. C.P. is preparing to become a Kairos Outside volunteer as soon as possible so she can give back and share this experience with other women.

To those who are apprehensive about attending a Kairos Outside Weekend, C.P. advises, “Be open, give yourself a chance, you will not regret it, it will be the experience of a lifetime. Once you go, you will return a better, different, and renewed person. You will approach situations in life in a different way and see that you aren’t the only one going through this. You will make it if you stay with the Lord. Then go out and tell others about Kairos so they can experience it as well.”



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