Hearts are changed, prisons are less violent, recidivism rates are reduced, and communities are safer.

The Impact Of Kairos Prison Ministry

“I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance” (Revelation 2:19)

Lives Are Changed Forever

Prison is a dark, hopeless place. Prisoners often live their lives without friends, without family, staring at the prison bars and feeling guilt and anger burning in their hearts.

Spouses, parents and relatives of the incarcerated often “do time” right along with their loved ones, feeling alone and guilty.

Through the work of over 30,000 volunteers, Kairos Prison Ministry brings the light, love and friendship of Jesus Christ into their lives. They know they are forgiven, and they know they are loved. It is truly a life changing, and often life saving experience.

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“With a total resident population of over 1800 at Wilcox Prison, Kairos attendees comprise more than 1/6 of the total number of prisoners.

18% of the total population can be a significant positive influence inside an institution where there typically is a lot of negativity.”

— Prison Warden

Inside the Prison

Wardens where Kairos programs are held report improvements in the whole prison living environment, due to the positive influence of residents involved with the Kairos Inside Program.

The more Kairos Weekends that are held, and the more prisoners that are brought to Christ, the more the prison environment improves.

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Kairos graduates’ recidivism rates can be reduced by 50%

In a study of 505 inmates released from Florida prisons, the recidivism rate was only 15.7% among those who had participated in one Kairos session, and just 10% among those who had participated in two or more Kairos sessions. The non-Kairos control group in the study had a recidivism rate of 23.4%.

Reduction in recidivism rates reduces the cost of further imprisonment (approximately $30,000 per prison annually).

Communities are Safer

The local communities become safer, as parolees and former prisoners make positive life choices from the foundation of ongoing Christian Prayer and Share weekly meetings.

Life after Kairos

  • Incarcerated participants who are released re-enter the outside world with a God centered perspective and focus on becoming productive citizens.
  • The next generation experiences a change in the family members coming out of prison, who begin to model a lifestyle without crime. The cycle of crime can be broken.
  • Female family members find support, strength and encouragement.
  • Youthful offenders acquire new God-centered values and change their direction in life.
  • Families are reunited with a hope for the future.