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One Ministry, Three Programs

Kairos Inside

Kairos Inside is a prison ministry with a mission to develop a Christian community on the inside of a prison. It all begins with a 3 1/2 day weekend…

Kairos Outside

Spouses, parents and relatives of those in prison often “do time” right along with their loved ones. Kairos Outside lets them know they are not alone.

Kairos Torch

Kairos Torch is a mentoring program for incarcerated youth, ages 25 and under. The mission is to engage their reasoning skills to help them make better life choices.

Kairos Prison Ministry Programs Overview

Our Approach

Bringing the love of Jesus to prisoners and their families.

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Why We Serve

‘God doesn’t hate me, he just hates my sins.” Kairos Graduate


Kairos ministers to Death Row inmates in Indiana.

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