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In 1986 my father was murdered by an 18-year-old boy who was looking for drug money. It was a devastating experience for me, as I was very close to my father. During my prayer time after this terrible experience, I felt God was leading me to pray for the boy who killed my dad. I knew that He loved this boy because he was created by Him. I knew that he was as much God’s child as I and my father.

This act of obedience led me to the most amazing ministry I could ever imagine, the Kairos Prison Ministry. God graced me by allowing me to share His love with prisoners and their female loved ones. Words cannot describe the joy of sharing Him and being a conduit of His love. During the weekend experience we share God’s love and our own experiences with those who have been marginalized by the incarceration of themselves or their loved ones.

We develop a sense of trust and openness with those who often feel isolated because of rejection by others and their feelings of anger and loneliness. We develop a sense of community of shared experiences and God’s love and healing grace. We leave feeling loved and accepted completely by God and by women who become our sisters in Christ.

I have developed many friendships with these sisters, women with whom I can share my deepest thoughts and know they will still love and accept me. God has enabled me to heal from the devastating loss of my father by leading me to share my story and witness the healing in others who needed to feel God’s forgiveness and unconditional love. He protected me from the self-destructive need for revenge and the bitterness that destroys the soul.

All of this through the Kairos Prison Ministry. Miracles do happen through this ministry and the joy that encompasses those who say yes to it is immeasurable.


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