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Every Kairos Advisory Council has had to face many obstacles in the past year and a half, one of which is engaging volunteers when there may not be much that can be done in-person and with no Kairos Weekend on the horizon. Another important part of the ministry that has been very difficult to achieve has been to continue serving our Graduates and Guests. The ladies at Kairos Outside Lubbock have been doing an amazing job in safely solving these issues, no matter the restrictions they have to work around.

Along with the rest of Kairos, they were stopped in their tracks in March 2020, but it wasn’t long before plans were formulated to get monthly Reunions going again. By June of that year, the Kairos Outside ladies had come up with Praise, Pizza & Prayer. This version of the monthly Reunion was initially held in the parking lot of the church that was used for meetings. The Guest would drive up and be greeted by a team member, provide any prayer requests that they had, were given pizza and bottled water to everyone in the car including children, and popsicles to then young ones. While staying in the cars, the group would pray together for each prayer request and then everyone would go home. The Praise, Pizza & Prayer were successfully held through September with about 15-20 Guests attending each month, it was only put on hiatus due to a colder than usual winter. They have since found a new indoor meeting place, are holding Reunions with over 40 Guests each month, regularly scheduled S.W.A.P Groups are being held, and their next Weekend begins October 1!

This story of success is based on a few simple key concepts that any Advisory Council can employ. Communication is needed to make sure both the volunteers and Guests have the needed information, have Kairos on their minds, and are engaged to know they are doing God’s work through Kairos and not drifting away due to inactivity. Another key to success is flexibility, when meeting inside wasn’t possible, they met in the parking lot, when that wasn’t ideal they moved to the local park temporarily so the kids could play while the ladies prayed and ministered to each other. The last key is persistence, to truly minister to the Guests there has to be a concerted push to persevere and find a way to fulfil this mission. It can be making sure the Kairos Clergy’s contact information is disseminated to all of the Guests, emailing out the prayer requests to everyone in the Advisory Council, having digital or phone gatherings, but finding a way to remove all obstacles to the fulfillment of serving these women.



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